The Demand for Nutritional Ingredients


The nutritional ingredients market is driven by:

• the increasing awareness of the intimate connection between food and health.

• the growing scientific support for nutritional health claims.

• the urge to prevent disease and curb the increasing costs in the healthcare sector.


The nutritional ingredients market is currently estimated at 24 billion USD with a steady high single-digit growth rate.  Due to a significant shift in the preferences of consumers, new functional ingredients are typically derived from natural sources like vegetables, fruit, berries or other plants.

The marketplace is heavily influenced by the changes in the regulatory framework with more rigid demands on documentation of efficacy. As to be expected in an emerging market in an early phase, the competitors are few.


The Medical Need: Hypertension


The kiwifruit extract has demonstrated a clinically relevant effect on blood pressure in a clinical trial. 


Hypertension is among the most significant risk factors for diseases like Cardiac Infarction, Stroke and Renal Failure. It has thus been coined ‘the Silent Killer’.


Hypertension is impacting hundreds of millions worldwide and creates an enormous financial burden on the health care system through its devastating consequences for cardiovascular and renal health. Hypertension is age-related and preventable, and it has been documented that its prevention reduces the disease burden. Prevention is among others achieved by physical activity and specific dietary components.