12:30–13:00 Ole Peter Nordby, CEO – Welcome and Introduction 

13:00–13:20 Steve Morrison, COO – The Commercial Value of Clinical Documentation of Health Effects and Approved Health Claims in the European Market

13:20–13:40 Professor Asim Duttaroy, University of Oslo 

– Interpretations of the Findings in the First Clinical Study with the Kiwifruit

13:40–14:00 Sami Sassi, CILNorth – How to Make a Successful Plant Extract 

14:00–14:30 Panel Discussion 

1. Opportunities for food ingredients, beverages and food supplements in the global marketplace 

2. Strategic decision making 

• Moderator Ole Peter Nordby, Idia AS 

• Panel Member Lars Lund-Roland, Bringwell Norge AS 

• Panel Member Sami Sassi, CILNorth 

• Representative of the Consumer Health Industry. TBA 

• Panel Member Christian Clemm, CMO Regenics AS 



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