The Kiwifruit Extract


Professor Asim Duttaroy at the University of Oslo has been able to isolate a specific fraction of the kiwifruit as an extract. The extract is composed of a multitude of small water-soluble molecules that contribute to its desired bioactivity.


In previous randomized and controlled clinical trials, whole kiwifruit has been shown to give significant effects on blood pressure and platelet aggregation. The trials indicate that consumption of whole kiwifruit can lead to a reduction in blood pressure between 5 and 10 mmHg.  Professor Duttaroy has also tested the extract in several in vitro assays and documented effects on blood platelet aggregation and the activity of enzymes essential to the regulation of blood pressure.


Idia has licensed the rights to the invention from the University of Oslo and will utilize the kiwifruit extract as a nutritional ingredient. Applications for worldwide patent protection of the extraction method and the cardio-protective properties of the fraction have been filed.


The Market Offering


Idia AS is developing a natural and unique nutritional ingredient from kiwifruit.  We will offer this high-quality ingredient with its documented effects directly to end-producers in the food and beverage industry.


The competitive edge of the extract is based on its efficacy and wide applicability leading to opportunities for use as a functional and natural ingredient.  It is expected to show a clinically relevant effect on blood pressure and to be well suited for a wide range of food and beverages.


The properties of the ingredient will be explored through a well-planned clinical development process.  The beneficial effects of the ingredient on human health will be documented, leading to an application for an EFSA approval of cardio-protective health claims.